Location Services

We can find You the perfect location for:

• Movies
• Commercials
• Photo shoots
• Events

The Face and Place Location Archive features hundreds of various locations. A big part part of the Archive is available online.
Private Locations:

• Apartments
• Lofts
• Villas
• Warehouses
• Offices
• Event locations

Public Places:

• Streets
• Squares
• Beaches
• Hills

In case You might have questions or specific requests all You need to do is register, create a personal mybox and send us a quotation request. We will analyse Your request and get back to You shortly with all the information on what we have available.

Location Scouting

Location scouting is Face&Place's strongest point. Our team is represented by experienced location managers, able to find any type of environment even for specific or additional needs. Our goal is to respect the view of the producer/photographer and base the location research on his/her aim. 
Location scouting means finding an atmosphere, not only a place. Our location department, thanks to the network of contacts built throughout years of experience, can fully satisfy the producer's requests, solve production issues and as well suggest new ideas, if needed.
Location and Permission Management
Face&Place offers its experience even during the preparatory administrative and bureaucratic phase on top of the actual management of Your set. We will assist You with whatever is needed for the production of Your project.