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Privacy Policy
The following document presents the policy adopted by Face&Place as far as personal data  protection is concerned, referring to both registered users who decide to make use of the products  and services offered by Face and Place, and to those who prefer not to register. Face&Place collects and uses its clients' personal data according to Legislative Decree n.196, as of  June 30th, 2003. ( Personal data protection code, as follows “Privacy code” ). 
The data controller is Face And Place Srl. with registered office in Italy at Via Lazzaro Papi, n'7 – 20135 Milan. In order to exercise any rights included in clause n.7 of the Privacy Code, receive additional information about the registration and use of Your personal data, send us any questions or  suggestions, please contact directly the data controllers at the following email address
Under clause n. 13 of the Privacy Code, Face&Place is required to provide its users with some  specific information concerning the purpose and use of personal data. The information required by  the Privacy Code (as well as the related approval request, if necessary ) is available in the General  Conditions of Use of the Services section, examined and approved by the user as part of the  registration process for the Face&Place Services, accessible through this link
Please find listed below the details about the above-mentioned information, where “Registration Data” is to be considered as the information and personal data given by the user during the  registration process.
1. The Registration Details given by the users are collected and handled by Face&Place,  sometimes also through automated information systems, for the following purposes:
I. purposes concerning the distribution and management of the Services, in accordance with the CGUs;
II. statistical surveys, having received the user's consent
III. Marketing and market research, sending of advertising material relating to the products and Services offered by Face&Place or third party advertisement services.
IV. qualitative data collection on the Services and on the Users rating, carried out both  directly and through specialized companies.
V. For purposes related to the central-level group of computer activities and/or to the management of services, some personal data may be stored on computer media at other third parties authorized by Face&Place for the same purposes for which they were collected. In  addition, having received the consent from the User, Face&Place will conduct an automatic  monitoring of their profile navigation through the use of cookies and other technologies in  order to: 
a) improve the quality of the services according to the needs expressed by users in general
b) identify personalized Services and commercial information tailored to the User's  preferences 
c) prevent the User from indiscriminate display of advertisements for products and/or  services unrelated to their personal interests.
2. The provision of Registration Data is optional. However, the failure to provide even partial of the data indicated as strictly necessary to achieve the purposes referred to in point 1, lett. I, will make it impossible for Face&Place to provide You with its Services. Failure to provide the Registration Data indicated as non-compulsory, for the purposes referred to in  point 1, lett. I, will not affect in any way the provision of the Services. Giving consent to the collection of personal data related to the web navigation, made through the use of cookies or other technologies, is also free and optional. However, if the User fails to provide this information, Face&Place will not be able to proceed to the services that require registration.
3. For all the purposes listed in point 1, some data may be communicated by Face&Place to other third parties authorized by Face&Place itself and / or other third parties, responsible  for carrying out activities directly related to the provision and distribution of services as well as – with the user'sconsent - to third party companies that provide goods and / or services on  the Internet, with which Face&Place has signed trade agreements or partnerships to promote  the dissemination and distribution of services or the provision of new services. During events or special events, such as contests or prize operations, some personal data of the User who has joined these events will be shared on this website and / or on other websites linked to Face&Place. As mentioned above, for organizational purposes related to the central-level group of computer activities and / or to the management of services, some personal data of Users may be made available abroad, even in countries outside the European Union, such as Switzerland and the United States of America. The foreign offices of Face&Place receive and transfer such data for the same purposes for which Face&Place has collected it. 
4. The complete list of data processors and third party owners of self-related treatments to those offered by Face&Place is available and can be requested directly to Face&Place at the following email address
5. Article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Code allows the User to exercise certain rights, including the right to ask the Data Controller to confirm the existence or not of personal data concerning him/her, available in a comprehensible form; to know the origin of the data and  the reason and purpose of the data collection; to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as the update,  rectification or, if interested, the integration of data; and to disagree the terms for legitimate  reasons, or to opt out of data collection for the marketing and commercial purposes, at any time. In order to enforce these rights, You may contact directly the Data Controllers at this e-mail address
This policy is primarily concerned with the way Face&Place processes personal data collected from users when they are on the Face&Place website and when they use the Face&Place services and products. This policy also applies to personal data collected by Face&Place's business partners and shared with Face&Place itself. However, this policy does not apply to personal data protection taken care of by companies that are not directly controlled by Face&Place, either not owned or not expressly authorized by Face&Place, or by personnel neither employed nor directly managed by Face&Place.
Face&Place collects personal data information from its users in various ways and in different areas of its business online. Personal data is collected in order to provide some of the Face&Place services and products available on our network. In addition, in case You decide to give Your consent, Your data may also be used for purposes of promotion of services and products offered by Face&Place and/or its commercial partners, to organize games and award shows, to better understand Your needs when using our services and to offer You new personalized content. During the registration process, Face&Place will ask You to provide some personal information, such as Your name, email address, date of birth, gender, zip code and perhaps Your personal interests. Every registered user is aware that most of the content offered by Face&Place is free and available also for unregistered users.Face&Place automatically receives and logs some information on its servers from the browser used by the user, including IP address, information on cookiesFace&Place and pages requested by the user. Face&Place uses also other automated systems in order to collect information such as, for 
example, the so-called web beacons and cookies. Face&Place makes use of all the information collected through automated systems for the following different purposes: to promote the pictures and locations posted by users and give them visibility, to customize advertisements and content available to the user in the best way to respond to requests for certain products and services, to inform users about special offers and new products, and lastly, to make more effective and efficient services and products that Face&Place offers to its users.
As a general rule, Face&Place neither shares nor gives away any personal information which would identify its users. Personal information may be shared by Face&Place with third parties only in the following cases:
I. If Face&Place has received the user's explicit consent to do so;
II. If Face&Place needs to share some information with third parties for the sole purpose of providing the user with the requested product or service.
III. If Face&Place needs to respond to subpoenas, written orders of the Judicial Authority, or 
IV If Face&Place believes that the user's presence ( and consequentially his/her actions) on our web sites violate the Terms and Conditions for the Use of Services of Face&Place or any of our guidelines concerning the use of specific products or services. For organizational purposes related to the central-level group of computer activities and / or to the management of the services, some personal data of Users may be made available abroad, even in countries outside the European Union, such as Switzerland and the United States of America. Recipients of communications and transfers will be third parties especially authorized by Face&Place, who will use such data for the same purposes for which Face&Place has collected it.
Face&Place has the right to send its own cookies to the user's computer. The use of cookies by third party companies, not explicitly authorized by Face&Place, is not subject to this document but to their own privacy policies. Face&Place also makes use of the so-called "Web beacons" or web beacons, in order to access the cookies of its network of Web sites, related to the products and services offered by Face&Place. Face&Place gives the user the possibility to correct, edit or delete information or preferences related to its account Face&Place at any time. The user is able to ask for the deactivation of his/her account Face&Place at any time through this form. If the user benefits from some of the services offered by Face&Place through direct payment and / or in collaboration with other partners responsible for the billing, the user is aware of the fact that Face&Place may be required to keep some personal data, for the time indicated by specific provisions of the law, even in the case where the user is no longer using these paid services or has requested the deactivation of his/her Face&Place account. 
In order to protect the user's privacy, Face&Place will limit access to personal data exclusively to authorized personnel. Face&Place constantly acts according to the national legislation on privacy, making use of any available technical tool and procedure in order to protect any personal data that relates to You.
Face&Place retains the right to modify this document. The user is responsible for checking any changes made to this document.
Face&Place allows the user to withdraw / edit his/her consent to the use of personal information related to the website navigation at any time, according to the Privacy policy procedure. Warning: if the user withdraws his/her consent to the use of personal data related to the web navigation (collected through the use of cookies and other tools), Face&Place will no longer be able to offer the services that require the user to register.
Copyrights/IP Policy
1. As far as Intellectual Property Rights are concerned, Face&Place respects all authors' and creators' intellectual property rights and expects its users to do the same. Face&Place, in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Service, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, has the right to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who may infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
2. Information about Copyrights 
All the information and content present on this website is visible to anyone. Any User that accesses and/or decides to browse this website is NOT allowed to copy (or download) on 
any electronic devices and/or print parts of it, not even for personal use. No use of the content present on the website is allowed unless expressly authorize by Face&Place, including unauthorized reproduction, editing, distribution, transmittance, republication, visualization or performance. 
3. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights
If the User believes that his/her work constitutes copyright infringement , protected by copyright laws, or that his/her intellectual property rights have been otherwise violated, please contact Face&Placeat providing the following information:
A. Description of the work protect by copyrights or any other property right considered violated.
B. Type of authorization or relationship in which someone is suspected to have authorized copyrights infringement.
C. Exact location on the website of the material for which the copyrights are considered infringed.
D. Full name and surname, address, contact number and email
E. A declaration stating that the claimed use has not been authorized by the user, who is also the owner of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights, neither through his/her agent nor through law .
F. A declaration stating that the information provided above is correct and that the user is either the actual owner of the copyrights or someone authorized to act as the owner of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights.
4. Authorization Requests
Any User willing to request authorization to use trademarks, logos, displays, information, pictures and/or elements hosted on this website, is requested to formalize his/her request sending an email to with the following information:
A. The social reason or name of the juridical and/or physical person requesting the authorization
B. The address of the legal location of the agency and other contact information (address, email, telephone, fax)
C. The country in which the agency is registered
D. The registration number of the Agency present in the companies register book
E. Any Face&Place logos and/or other content present on the website that the user would like to use, present and described accurately.
F. A detailed description of the use for which the User is requesting authorization. Face&Place can only authorize the use of material that is property of Face&Place, such as the logo or the Face&Place home page or pictures owned by Face&Place. Face&Place is not able to provide authorization to use someone else's content. For such authorization the User should directly contact the owner of the content.
5. Applicable law and court in charge
The only applicable law is the Italian law, in specific, the Copyrights Code and Industrial Property Code (L. 633/41 and updated versions). For any kind of controversy, the court in charge to decide is the court of Milan.